Anthony Roberts Must Make Liberal State Government Pay Local Council Legal Costs

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To: The Hon. Anthony Roberts MP, Member for Lane Cove

Dear Mr Roberts,

We, the undersigned, believe:

1) You have failed to represent the residents of your electorate by not ensuring these legal costs are reimbursed to Councils in your own electorate;

2) That the NSW Liberal State Government immediately pay the legal reimbursements outstanding with interest;

3) That the NSW Liberal State Government publicly notify the residents of Lane Cove when these legal reimbursements have been paid. 


Outstanding reimbursement of legal proceedings to Councils in Anthony Roberts MP own electorate:

Lane Cove Council - $382,254 (Lane Cove Council has offered to accept $320,000) - Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda - 10 March 2018

Hunters Hill Council - $375,748.32 (Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda - 24 July 2017) + Costs incurred in 2017/18 amounting to $54,974.55. (Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda - 13 August 2018)

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