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My Motion - Extending the Lane Cove River Ferry Service to Lane Cove West

Below is my Motion of Notice for the Lane Cove Council Ordinary Meeting on 15th February 2021: Executive Summary This report requests that Council seek support from Transport for NSW for the extension of the Lane Cove River Ferry Service to Burns Bay wharf to provide more transport options to the expanding number of residents in Lane Cove West.   Continue reading

My Councillor Update - Council Meeting - 15th February 2021

Clarification: The proposed agenda item for a ‘deliberative engagement’ process concerns the Lane Cove Golf Course. The Lane Cove Golf Club is a separate entity. Continue reading

My Motion for for 100% renewable electricity and reduction in reliance on gas.

The below motion I have submitted for the Lane Cove Council meeting for Monday 19th October:   Background This motion aims to build on the ‘Climate Emergency’ Lane Cove Council declared in September 2019. The objectives of this motion are to: Outline that Council will aim to maximise sourcing energy from renewable generation when it needs to enter into a new energy supply contract in July 2022. Outline that Council will aim to reduce and/or eliminate relying on gas as an interim energy source before transitioning to sourcing all its energy needs from renewable generation. Continue reading