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My Councillor Update - Council Meeting - 21st September 2020

My Motion - Funding the Lane Cove Bike Plan

Here is my Notice of Motion that I have lodged for the Ordinary Council Meeting on 15th June 2020:


In October 2019 Lane Cove Council adopted the revised Lane Cove Bike Plan. The Bike Plan is a comprehensive strategic action plan which allows Council to prioritise its improvements to the cycling network. The aim of the Bike Plan is to accommodate investment into enhancing safety, convenience and mobility for cyclists. The updated Bike Plan that Council adopted in October 2019 will be utilised to assist in planning for cyclist infrastructure, programs, implementation and maintenance.

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Motion on Notice: Provide a Return and Earn Container Deposit Scheme

Below is the motion that I am moving at the Council meeting on Monday 22nd July:

Since the NSW Government Return and Earn Container Deposit Scheme commenced in December 2017, Lane Cove Council has requested Tomra the operator of the scheme to assess a number of sites within the Lane Cove LGA to host a reverse vending machine. Tomra has advised Council on numerous occasions that these sites were not suitable for a number of reasons including:

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Motion to review glyphosate passed unanimously

I am pleased that Lane Cove Council unanimously supported a motion asking for Council to review the use of a chemical called glyphosate. The motion was co-written with Councillors Strassberg and Vissel.

The issue concerning the use of glyphosate has become very topical over the last two months. I have been receiving a steady stream of queries about the use of this chemical in Lane Cove for almost a year now.

Glyphosate is a chemical that is used in weed management control in many off the shelf product’s, most commonly known for the product called “Roundup”

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