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Anthony Roberts Idea to Use Superannuation for New Home Buyers is Not So Super.

The idea by Anthony Roberts – State Member for Lane Cove saying that he wants first home owners to be able to access their superannuation to purchase their first homes (North Shore Times – Thursday 23rd February) is yet another example of the Liberals undermining the superannuation system in Australia. Once again they are not tackling the real problems contribution to making housing unaffordable for many Australians. 

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The Fight for Housing Affordability Must Continue.

Housing affordability is going to continue to be a big issue. I believe Labor still has the best policy to address this issue. 

There is no question that negative gearing on investment properties has distorted our housing market. A $600,000 home for a couple who wish to live in it will cost them $700 a week in principle and interest repayments. That same home if purchased by an investor will cost $100 week after tax deductions and depreciation. 

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Bill Shorten's announcement yesterday about Labor's new policy on the treatment of negative gearing is an example of how rank-and-file members can contribute to the creation of Labor Policy.

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