My Mayoral Update - April 2023

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The Public Gallery will be both IN PERSON and via Zoom for this Council Meeting. CLICK HERE for more information

Below is a quick summary of the meeting agenda:


Members of the public may address the Council Meeting on any issue for 3 minutes.




2. NOTICE OF MOTION - IDLING OF MOTOR VEHICLES CAUSING EXCESSIVE AIR POLLUTION My proposal that Council lodge a motion for the next Local Government NSW Conference as follows: “Lane Cove Council calls on LGNSW to advocate to the NSW State Government for the inclusion in relevant State Legislation and Regulations a traffic offence for idling of a motor vehicle that causes air pollution”; and write a Letter to the NSW Minister for Roads calling for the State Government to create in relevant State Legislation and Regulations a traffic offence for idling of a motor vehicle that causes air pollution



3. NOTICE OF MOTION - 2023 IPCC REPORT AND CLIMATE ACTION IN LANE COVE Proposal that Council produce a report reviewing the emission reduction targets set within our Climate Action Plan, and identifying how these targets could be increased or brought forward, in light of the clear need for urgent action. The report should include elements such as, proposed programs, incentivisation schemes, costs (including staffing) and other processes to increase the rate of reduction of greenhouse gases in our LGA. 


4. LEP AMENDMENT NO 41 SUBDIVISION OF EXISTING DUAL OCCUPANCY DWELLINGS Proposal that Council adopt Planning Proposal No 41 to permit strata subdivision of all existing dual occupancy dwellings approved in the R2 zone (Low Density Residential) on or before 16th June 2022.

5. SPORT AND RECREATION FACILITY - APRIL 2023 PROGRESS REPORT  Proposal that Council reaffirm its decision of 23 March, 2023 to proceed to tender for Stage 2 Construction Contractor (Major Works), with 80% design documentation and ADCO Constructions, AW Edwards, Grindley Construction, Prime Constructions and Richard Crookes Constructions be invited to tender (This time, Council is announcing the five companies to be invited to tender). Further, Council include in the tender documents pricing for a 200kw Solar PV system and maximum PV system (circa 500kw), a tree planting acceleration program as outlined in the report and undertake research into the inclusion of a community solar farm in the project. Finally, Council is to determine the operational model for the Golf Course during the course of construction.

6. BLACKMAN PARK SKATE PARK - FINAL CONCEPT DESIGN Proposal that Council endorse the final concept design for CONVIC to commence Phase 3 - Detail design for construction in preparation for tender of a renovated Skate Park at Blackman Park.

7. 2023/2024 DRAFT BUDGET, FEES AND CHARGES, DELIVERY PROGRAM AND OPERATIONAL PLAN, RESOURCING STRATEGY AND ASSOCIATED RESOURCE PLANS Proposal that Council undertake community consultation from late April 2023 until early June 2023 as per the consultation outlined in the report; and following public exhibition, the Draft 2023/24 Budget, Draft 2023/24Delivery Program and Operational Plan (includes Draft 2023/24 Fees and Charges), and the Draft Resourcing Strategy and associated Resource Plans.

A range of New Capital Initiatives are contained in the Draft Delivery Program and Operational Plan, including:

  • Construction of a new Sport and Recreation Facility
  • Bob Campbell Oval Masterplan Implementation Works
  • New Multifunction Theatre Space
  • New Skate Park at Blackman Park
  • Lane Cove Aquatic Centre Energy Efficiency Improvement Program
  • Village Streetscape Improvement Works (Stage 2) along Burns Bay Road
  • Traffic signal works at Mowbray Road and Centennial Avenue
  • Completion of new cycleway along Burns Bay Road, Linley Point
  • Bus shelter upgrade works
  • Amenities upgrade works at Pottery Green
  • Playground upgrades at Nichols Reserve and Woodford Bay Reserve
  • Drainage and irrigation works at Tantallon Oval

In addition, there a range of New Operating Initiatives contained in the Draft Delivery Program and Operational Plan, including:

  • Review of the Age Friendly Strategy
  • Develop a Social Inclusion Strategy
  • Implement a watercraft hire arrangement to support the expansion of kayaking on Lane Cove River
  • Develop a Masterplan for Burns Bay Reserve and Stringybark Creek Reserve
  • Introduce a Community Renewable Energy Program, including a Rebates Program
  • Review and update the Lane Cove Development Control Plan to improve sustainability and incorporate provisions for the strategic rollout of EV charging infrastructure
  • Continue the Renewable Energy Future Program in Lane Cove for community emissions
  • Implement the Emissions Reduction Pathway Strategy for council emissions
  • Develop an Affordable/Key Worker Housing Statement
  • Introduce a ‘Car Free Sunday’ event
  • Introduce a ‘Car Boot Community Market’
  • Introduce a Problem Waste Collection Point within The Canopy Carpark
  • Implement pilot ‘living seawalls’ at Tambourine Bay and Woodford Bay
  • Implement bushland encroachment reduction strategy
  • Support activation of the Village Streetscapes Improvements
  • Full implementation of new Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee
  • Implement a Council Resolution Tracker
  • Review the Procurement Policy
  • Commence planning for the refurbishment of the Civic Centre
  • Introduce a dedicated Call Centre to improve customer experience
  • Launch new Council Website and Engagement HQ
  • Review the Workforce Management Plan
  • Transition to cashless facilities and remove merchant fees for credit card transactions

8. TOWARDS NET ZERO - SUSTAINABILITY REBATES PROGRAM Proposal to approve the Sustainability Rebate Program for Lane Cove residents and businesses to incentivise energy and water savings measures.

9. NSROC REGIONAL WASTE STRATEGY - ENDORSEMENT Proposal that Council adopt the NSROC Regional Waste Strategy.

10. MANNS POINT, GREENDALE PARK AND HOLLOWAY RESERVE STATE HERITAGE LISTING, BADANGI Proposal that Council supports the Heritage Council of NSW recommendation to list Manns Point, Greendale Park and Holloway Reserve on the State Heritage Register under the name Badangi.

11. NEW EXPERT MEMBERS AND COMMUNITY REPRESENTATIVES FOR THE LANE COVE LOCAL PLANNING PANEL Proposal that Council advise the Department of Planning of the new expert members and community representatives appointed to the Lane Cove Planning Panel.

12. TRAFFIC COMMITTEE - MARCH 2023 Proposal that Council adopts the recommendations of the Lane Cove Traffic Committee Meeting held on Tuesday, 21 March 2023.


13. COUNCIL SNAPSHOT MARCH 2023 A summary of great little facts about Council operations. For example, since the launch of the RecycleSmart home recycling collection service in February 2023, a total of 534 pick-ups for clothing, soft-plastics and e-waste have been collected and 2,110kgs of waste have been diverted from landfill. 


14. CYBER SECURITY Being a matter considered in closed committee, post the meeting a high level summary will be provided on what Council resolved. 

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