My Mayor Update - Council Meeting on 18th August 2022

The next Ordinary Council Meeting of Lane Cove Council is this THURSDAY 18th August at 7pm

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SPECIAL: The Public Gallery will be both IN PERSON and via Zoom for this Council Meeting. CLICK HERE for more information

Below is a quick summary of the meeting agenda:


Members of the public may address the Council Meeting on any issue for 3 minutes.


2. NOTICE OF MOTION - GENERAL MANAGER REVIEW COMMITTEE This motion seeks to expand the number of councillors on the General Manager Review Committee from three councillors (the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor and one other councillor selected by the Mayor) to all councillors.


3. FINAL REPORT - PROVISION OF A SPORT AND RECREATION FACILITY Council has passed various resolutions relating to the objective of meeting the demand for indoor sporting facilities in the Lane Cove area. In summary, to finalise the preferred location this report considers a shortlist of locations for the facility post the 19 May, 2022 Council report which considered all alternative locations, being:-

  • Option 1: Revised Facility with a new entrance at River Rd site with 5 Indoor / 4 Outdoor Courts
  • Option 2: Revised Facility with a new entrance at River Rd site with 4 Indoor / 4 Outdoor Courts
  • Option 3a: Acquire property in Lane Cove West Business Park and adapt to 4 Indoor Courts
  • Option 3b: At River Rd site, rebuild the existing outdoor courts, converting them to 4 multi courts and construct a new Golf Club House.
  • Option 3c: Combine 3a. + 3b.

The report also includes the outcome of the review of the previous Development Application at the Golf Course, 180 River Road site which includes revised entry arrangements, removal of the arrival plaza, and subsequent reduction in the outdoor court footprint, and further details of the Environmentally Sustainable Development options for the project. Finally, the report outlines the next steps if Council chooses to progress the project. It is recommended that Council determine whether or not to proceed with the project and the preferred option if the project is to proceed.

4. FINALISATION OF THE SUSTAINABILITY ACTION PLAN 2022-2025 Council at its meeting of 23 June 2022, resolved to place on public exhibition the Draft Sustainability Action Plan 2022-2025 (SAP) for six (6) weeks. Having regard to the responses, amendments have been made to the Draft SAP to incorporate these suggestions where appropriate. The revised Draft SAP is recommended to be adopted by Council.

5. DCP AMENDMENT NO 20 - PART STOREYS - POST-EXHIBITION REPORT The purpose of this report is to outline the results of community consultation for a proposed amendment to the Lane Cove Development Control Plan (DCP) to clarify the definition of “Part storeys” in DCP Part C – Residential Localities - Locality 8 St Leonards South Precinct. (see AT-1).In line with the Resolution Council sought legal advice and referred the amendments to the Design Review Panel which is discussed within this report.

6. COMMUNITY CONSULTATION REVIEW This report summarises feedback received from local residents and council officials in relation to Council’s current community engagement practices and identifies opportunities to improve same. It is recommended Council develop a Draft Action Plan, which will be referred to the Digital Transformation Reference Group for input and comment and a Councillor Workshop be held prior to the formalisation of a Final Action Plan, no later than November 2022.

7. TRAFFIC COMMITTEE - JULY 2022 The Lane Cove Traffic Committee has met and has submitted recommendations for Council’s consideration. It is recommended that the recommendations of the Committee be adopted.

8. REPRESENTATIVE NOMINATIONS FOR THE COMMUNITY DOG AND SPORTING CLUB ADVISORY COMMITTEES, AND THE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION REFERENCE GROUP Following the establishment of the Community Dog Advisory Committee, the Sporting Club Advisory Committee and the Digital Transformation Reference Group, Council called for members of the community to nominate for Community Representative positions on these Committees. All nominations received were presented to the Council Selection Committee for consideration. This report outlines the recommendations of the Council Selection Committee and recommends that Council endorse the recommendations for appointment of community members for Council’s Advisory Committees.

9. FOURTH QUARTER REVIEW - DELIVERY PROGRAM AND OPERATIONAL PLAN 2021 - 22 This report reviews the quarterly progress between April and June 2022 towards the goals and strategies adopted by Council in the 2021-22 Delivery Program and Operational Plan. It is recommended that the report be received and noted.

10. ANNUAL FINANCIAL STATEMENTS FOR 2021/22 -  REFERRAL FOR AUDIT Council is required to prepare Financial Statements and have them referred to audit as soon as practicable after 30 June each financial year. This report is seeking the release of Council’s draft 2021/22 Financial Statements for external audit purposes. The audit is due to be completed by early October 2022.


11. COUNCIL EVENTS SUCCESS Since 2015 Council staff have been keeping records of annual event attendance and associated trends to help identify areas of improvement from year to year. While COVID-19 has presented many challenges over the past two years, staff have been able to adapt event offerings to deliver a record number of events in the year 2021/22.  The community has been given the opportunity to enjoy more than 400 events over the past year, 100 more than average. This has resulted in more than 48,000 participants which is 10,000 more than the previous year and 15,000 more than when our records first began. This has also been achieved without the larger signature events such as Sustainability Lane at the Rotary Fair, Food and Wine by the River and the Lighting of the Christmas Tree event.

12. COUNCIL SNAPSHOT JULY 2022This report provides a summary of the operations of each Council division in July 2022.



13. FURTHER REPORT - IDENTIFICATION, PRESERVATION AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF HERITAGE ITEMS - MANNS POINT, GREENWICH POINT WHARF AND ENVIRONS It is recommended that the Council close so much of the meeting to the public as provided for under Section 10A(2) (h) of the Local Government Act, 1993, on the grounds that the report contains information concerning the nature and location of a place or an item of Aboriginal significance on community land; it further being considered that discussion of the matter in open meeting would be, on balance, contrary to public interest by reason of the foregoing.

I hope you found this video and summary helpful.

Andrew Zbik




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