Dog Friendly & People Friendly Lane Cove

Dog Friendly and People Friendly Lane Cove

Getting the balance right so everyone feels included and safe


We recognise the important role pets play in our households and our families in Lane Cove.

Several of our Candidates are dog owners who use Lane Cove's many dog-friendly spaces and are keen to ensure our local area retains these amenities.  

We recognise that there are members of our community who are unfamiliar or scared of dogs, as well as people with physical or mental limitations who find the presence of an off-leash dog stressful or families with young children who are not familiar with dogs. It is important that we strike a balance between providing areas where dog owners can enjoy the company of their dogs and areas where residents can enjoy time free of dogs where appropriate.   

As Councillor Andrew Zbik (West Ward) has:

  • Supported the creation of the Community Dog Advisory Committee (In fact, Clr Zbik moved the amendment to provide a community workshop with residents before the charter of this committee is drafted).
  • Supported the adoption of the Lane Cove Dog Friendly Strategy

Our Candidates support balanced and inclusive dog friendly policies and we will continue to ensure community input into their development and review. 

  • We commit to ensuring the review of the Lane Cove Dog Friendly Strategy is conducted via a second community workshop in 12 months time.

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