Setting the record straight on Liberals claims of overdevelopment in Lane Cove.

This week a letter from Councillor Scott Bennison has been sent to some Lane Cove residents that claims he "will prevent the overdevelopment which has been promoted by Labor and the "Independents"

This is a deceitful lie and I shall tell you why:

FACT 1: Scott Bennison voted for 1,900 more units in St Leonards. I did not. 

In May 2020, Lane Cove Council adopted the St Leonards South Masterplan. The masterplan provides: 

  • 1,900 more units between Park St and Canberra Ave. 
  • Buildings ranging in height from 4 stories to 19 stories.  

Below is the voting record from the Extra-Ordinary Meeting in May 2020: 

CLICK HERE for the link to Council Minutes


FACT 2: Scott Bennison VOTED AGAINST my motion to protect Lane Cove Councils say in local planning matters.

In May 2020, I moved a motion that sought to:

  • Recognise that planning decisions should be community led and that local councils are best placed to make decisions about planning that is appropriate for their local area and constituents

Below is the voting record from the Ordinary Meeting in May 2020:

CLICK HERE for the link to Council Minutes.


FACT 3: Scott Bennison VOTED AGAINST my motion challenging the State Government's increase in permissible building heights in St Leonards.

In December 2020 the State Government finalised the St Leonards and Crows Nest 2036 Plan which now allows buildings as tall as 45 stories. Scott Bennison VOTED AGAINST Council seeking to have these building heights reduced to the lower heights displayed in the draft plan. 

CLICK HERE for the link to Council Minutes.


FACT 4: Scott Bennison VOTED to "Sell" 266 Longueville Rd to an Aged Care Developer on a 99 year lease. 

In March 2014, Scott Bennison was one of 6 then Liberal Councillors to agree that Council will take away publicly owned green open space at 266 Longueville Road and eventually grant a 99 year lease to an aged care developer. 

CLICK HERE for the link to Council Minutes.

As you can see, I have a strong record in standing up against overdevelopment in Lane Cove. 


Lies such as these as made by Councillor Scott Bennison are not what our community wants.

Please DO NOT vote for Scott Bennison if you believe there is no place for such lies on Lane Cove Council.


There are two things that you can do:

1) Share this email with friends, family and neighbours in Lane Cove.

2) Vote as follows on 4th December to support candidates that actually STAND UP against overdevelopment:


Please feel free to write to me with any questions or call me on 0411 894 788.

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