My Councillor Update - June 2024

The next Ordinary Council Meeting of Lane Cove Council is this THURSDAY 20th June at 7pm

It is important to note that our Public Gallery will be held at 7pm on Monday 17th June in the Council Chambers.

Below is a quick summary of the meeting agenda:




2. MAYORAL MINUTE - 2024 BEST PARK AWARD FOR WADANGGARI PARK A report noting that earlier this month Wadanggari Park received its second accolade for the year, being awarded 2024 Park of the Year in the Annual Parks & Leisure Regional Awards of Excellence.

3. MAYORAL MINUTE - SUPPORT FOR ADDITIONAL REGIONAL SPORTS FIELD CAPACITY Recommendation that Council support Hornsby Council to retain State Government funding for the Westleigh Park project. 



4. NOTICE OF MOTION - REPORTING ON MEETINGS WITH PROPERTY DEVELOPERS AND REGISTERED LOBBYISTS Proposal develop a policy and procedure by which Lane Cove Councillors be required to publicly disclose and keep a record of their meetings with property developers and registered lobbyists on the council’s website, using the City of Sydney policy and procedure as a guide. 


5. CELEBRATING ONE YEAR: ST LEONARDS LIBRARY’S FIRST ANNIVERSARY This report provides an overview of the first year of operations of the St Leonards Library opened in May 2023.

6. COMMUNITY CONSULTATION RESULTS - DRAFT 2024/25 BUDGET, DRAFT FEES AND CHARGES, DRAFT DELIVERY PROGRAM AND OPERATIONAL PLAN, DRAFT RESOURCING STRATEGY AND ASSOCIATED RESOURCE PLANS This report provides consideration of submissions received as a result of the public exhibition of Council’s Draft 2024/25 Budget, Draft Fees and Charges, Draft Delivery Program and Operational Plan, Draft Resourcing Strategy and associated Resource Plans. Council approved the exhibition of the draft documents at its meeting of 18 April 2024 and the public exhibition period closed on 5 June 2024.

The Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP) has been amended to incorporate the budget adjustments adopted by Council in the 2023/24 March Quarterly Budget Review to the extent that they impact on opening Reserve balances. It has also been updated considering some more recent economic data which suggest a more conservative approach to interest rate forecasts is prudent and in light of the May 2024 update on the Sport and Recreation project reported to Council on 23 May 2024, an additional $6m has been allocated to the project in the 2025/26 financial year with funding sourced from additional interest on investments ($2.5m) and the Capital Works Reserve ($3.5m). This change has also been reflected in the Asset Management Plan.

7. COMMUNITY CONSULTATION RESULTS - CODE OF MEETING PRACTICE - PROPOSED AMENDMENTS At the April 2024 Ordinary Council meeting, Council resolved to consult with the community on Community Consultation Results - Code of Meeting Practice - Proposed Amendments. The purpose of this report is to provide a summary of submissions received in relation to proposed amendments to Council’s adopted Code of Meeting Practice which was the subject of community consultation between 23 April and 4 June 2024.

8. DRAFT COUNCILLOR AND STAFF INTERACTION POLICY - PROPOSED AMENDMENTS The purpose of this report is for Council to consider a number of proposed amendments relating to the Draft Councillor and Staff Interaction Policy, which was presented to Council at its meeting of 23 May 2024, with a view to publicly exhibiting the Draft Policy for community consultation purposes. 

9. DRAFT STRATEGY FOR AN AGE FRIENDLY LANE COVE 2024-2029 Proposal that the draft Strategy for an Age-Friendly Lane Cove 2024 – 2029 be endorsed for the purpose of public exhibition and be placed on public exhibition for six weeks

10. JEAN MITCHELL LUCRETIA BATHS RESTORATION - FURTHER REPORT This report provides an update on the Jean Mitchell Lucretia Baths project. A concept design for the replacement of the baths structure was completed in March 2024 and costed at $1,462,800. Funding was not available in the budget at that time given the level of complexity, risk, and Council’s existing significant capital works program. Council resolved to note that there was a previous commitment to do the works and so directed that the matter be considered after the current capital works program has been completed.

11. STATE OF WAXCAPS IN LANE COVE BUSHLAND PARK At its February 2024 meeting Council resolved for a report to be provided discussing the state of Waxcaps in Lane Cove Bushland Park (LCBP).  The Department of Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Water (DCCEEW) is the leading body in Waxcap conservation in NSW. Council assists the department to conserve the Waxcap population by methods approved by the DCCEEW which includes bush regeneration and monitoring.

12. TRAFFIC COMMITTEE - MAY 2024 The Lane Cove Traffic Committee Meeting was held on Tuesday, 21 May 2024. Agenda Items are as follows:

  • Murray Street, Lane Cove North - Extension of existing 'No Parking' zone.
  • Moore Street, Between Barwon Road and Cullen Street - Installation of 'no parking' zone
  • Dorritt Street (east end), Lane Cove - Removal of 'No Parking; 6AM To 1PM Wednesday, and installation of 'No Parking’ zone.
  • Austin Street at River Road West, Lane Cove - Installation of 'No Stopping' zone and double line markings.
  • Greenwich area - Transport for NSW and busways proposals to upgrade the existing bus stops with bus zones for the bus route no 265 which provides bus service from Lane Cove to North Sydney via Greenwich.
  • Regulatory Signposting and Linemarking
  • Lane Cove Fun Run - September 2024
  • Lane Cove Rotary Fair 2024 - TMP And TCP
  • Food And Wine Festival by The River at Tambourine Bay Reserve 2024 - Traffic Management Plan And Traffic Control Plan.

13. COMMUNITY CONSULTATION RESULTS - DRAFT LANDSCAPING, STREET TREES AND TREE PRESERVATION POLICY The purpose of this report is to provide a summary of submissions received in relation to Draft- Landscaping, Street Trees and Tree Preservation Policy which was the subject of community consultation between 23 April and 4 June 2024.

14. POLICY REVIEW - CHILD SAFETYThe purpose of this report is for Council to consider the adoption of the following policies as part of Council’s commitment to child safety:-

  • Child Safe Policy
  • Reportable Conduct Policy

15. 2024 LOCAL GOVERNMENT NSW CONFERENCE MOTIONS Proposal that Council give consideration to the two (2) proposed motions outlined in this report and other primary issues affecting the Lane Cove community and submit same for debate at the 2024 LGNSW Annual Conference.

16. NSW KERBSIDE CHARGING FUNDING FOR EV CHARGING INFRASTRUCTURE On 26 May, the NSW Government announced funding of $4.1 million to install 671 EV charging ports at 391 sites across NSW. The kerbside chargers will be installed across 16 Local Government Areas (LGAs) by 8 grant recipients, with the intent of providing convenient charging options for drivers in high density and busy metro areas. Two of the eight recipients of funding have nominated potential sites in the Lane Cove LGA, with the potential to provide another 14 charge ports. Increasing the number of on-street EV charge points in Lane Cove from 8 to 22, and the total number of charge points from 29 to 43. Council is currently working with recipients (Plus ES and Evie Networks) to determine the final site arrangements and conduct community consultation on those sites where on-street parking restrictions will be altered. The results of which will be brought back to Council via the Traffic Committee for final approval. It is recommended the report be received and noted.

17. UPDATE ON UPGRADED HOT WATER SYSTEMS IN COUNCIL FACILITIES The purpose of this report is to provide Council with an update on the roll-out of new electric heat pump hot water systems across six Council facilities.

18. LOCAL GOVERNMENT REMUNERATION TRIBUNAL ANNUAL REPORT AND DETERMINATION - COUNCILLOR FEES This report details the recent determination of the Local Government Remuneration Tribunal (“the Tribunal”) for the annual fees to be paid for the Mayor and Councillors for the 2024/25 financial year, commencing 1 July 2024. The Tribunal has approved a 3.75% increase for the period. Fees for Councillors are proposed to increase from $21,730 to $22,540. The fee for Mayor is proposed to increase from $47,390 to $49,170.

19. LANE COVE LOCAL PLANNING PANEL The term of the current Lane Cove Local Planning Panel concludes on 30 June 2024. Council is required to appoint a new Panel to commence 1 July 2024. This report outlines the new Chair’s for the panel, the proposed expert panel members and community representatives. 

20. APPOINTMENT OF AN ADDITIONAL MEMBER OF THE YOUTH ADVISORY GROUP This report presents an additional nomination for the Youth Advisory Group for endorsement by Council.







24. BAD DEBT WRITE OFFS - COUNCIL DEBTOR NUMBERS 250 AND 4203 The General Manager does not have authority to write-off debts over $10,000 and requires the approval of Council. 


I hope you found this video and summary helpful. 


Councillor Andrew Zbik

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