Labor Candidate for Lane Cove Andrew Zbik has today welcomed Labor’s fully-funded infrastructure plan that will deliver the schools, hospitals, roads and rail upgrades the state needs without privatising our electricity network.

The plan, which makes modest commitments with the right priorities, unlocks an additional $10.055 billion in infrastructure investment on top of the annual infrastructure budget – valued at around $15 billion a year – without needing to privatise the electricity network.


This includes an extra $3 billion for schools and hospitals that isn’t dependant on selling electricity assets to the highest bidder.


Labor’s A Better Way Infrastructure Plan includes:

  • $3 billion for health and education infrastructure to address the biggest challenge we face – ensuring that our schools and hospitals keep up with our growing population;
  • $2.057 billion for urban and regional roads with more than half going towards projects in regional areas;
  • $1 billion for Sydney’s Rail Future Stage 2 – signalling, and line separation, longer platforms to increase capacity and improve reliability in advance of the delivery of the Second Harbour Rail Crossing.
  • $1.576 billion to give a fair share to the regions.
  • $1.472 billion for growth infrastructure in Western Sydney.
  • $950 million for arts, sports, tourism and environmental infrastructure.


“This is a plan that delivers on Labor’s key priorities – schools and hospitals will receive $1 billion more under Labor’s plan that the Liberals’ privatisation plan,” Mr Zbik said.


“It’s a plan that makes modest commitments with the right priorities.


“The local community does not want to be blackmailed by the Liberals into a risky privatisation of our electricity network – Labor has shown that there is another way, a better way, to fund the schools, hospitals and roads we need.


“A Labor Government will build a second harbour crossing – and we will build the M4 East extension & M5 East duplication – delivering the roads and rail links needed for Sydney’s long-term future.


“Our local community now has a clear choice between two plans – Labor’s plan that uses proven and reliable funding souces and the Liberals’ plan to privatise the electricity network for a one off cash splash.”

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