Labor Candidate for Lane Cove Andrew Zbik has welcomed yesterday’s announcement that a Foley Labor Government will invest $70 million to install solar panels in all public schools – to help schools in Lane Cove become more energy efficient and generate clean, renewable solar power.

Under Labor’s Solar Schools policy, up to 1,700 schools without solar power will receive around $40,000 for a solar photovoltaic power system.


This policy will help schools in Lane Cove reduce power bills by using the free, clean energy from these solar power systems, relying less on the power grid.


This initiative will support the renewable energy sector and lower our schools’ carbon footprint and teaching about environmental sustainability and show that we can all reduce our impact on the environment.


Funding for Solar Schools will come from Labor’s A Better Way infrastructure program, and will be delivered without privatising the electricity network.


Quotes attributable to Labor Candidate for Lane Cove Andrew Zbik:


“I’m proud to be part of a Labor team that prioritises environmental protection.”


“A Foley Labor Government will invest $70 million to help schools in Lane Cove and across NSW become more sustainable with solar power systems.”


“Labor’s program will give kids a chance to learn about renewable energy, and schools will have lower power bills.”


“The Solar Schools plan brings together Labor’s commitment to education, environmental sustainability and creating jobs in the growing renewable energy sector.”


Key Facts:

  • In government, Labor introduced sustainability into teaching and learning programs in NSW schools and established the NSW Sustainable Schools Program in 2003 to help schools to teach environmental education.
  • In 2008, the Federal Government began a National Solar Schools Program, which was a broad based sustainability program offering grants to schools to install solar power systems and a range of energy efficiency and water saving measures. More than 500 NSW schools installed solar power systems.
  • However, the Abbott Government quietly discontinued the program last year, with no funding allocated in their slash and burn budget.

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