Andrew Zbik Labor candidate for Lane Cove and James Wheeldon Labor candidate for North Shore met with staff today at Royal North Shore Hospital to sign a pledge opposing the outsourcing and privatisation of the New South Wales Public Health Service. 


















 Left to Right: Virginia Velasco (RNSH Support Service Officer), James Wheeldon (Labor Candidate for North Shore), Andrew Zbik (Labor Candidate for Lane Cove) and Bruce Rowling (Branch President of RNSH Health Services Union Branch).

The pledge was organised by the Health Services Union and asks for candidates to support the provision of a strong health care system for the people of New South Wales and to oppose the privatisation and outsourcing of the New South Wales Public Health Service.


The HSU represents 32,000 employees that work in the public health service.


Under the Baird Liberal Government, we have seen:


  • The awarding of a $1 billion contract to Healthscope to set up a private hospital on Sydney’s northern beaches;
  • The distribution of medical supplies and equipment within the NSW health and hospital system handed over to a private consortium. This resulted in the loss of 130 jobs across five warehouses in NSW;
  • The privatisation of the Forensic and Analytical Science Service Food Testing Laboratory at Lidcombe and relocating the sampling to Melbourne.


Quotes attributable to Andrew Zbik – Labor candidate for Lane Cove


“Today we met two cleaning staff who have been employed on a casual basis for four and five years respectively. They have been working full-time hours and have not had the opportunity to transfer to full-time employment.”


“This is a terrible example of how privatised service provision within our health care system prioritises profits ahead of looking after staff and providing a reliable health service to the public.”


“Labor is the party that created and strengthened Medicare. NSW Labor will ensure our public healthcare system is run in the best interests of the people of NSW.”


Quotes attributable to James Wheeldon – Labor candidate for North Shore


“I am proud to support the fight against privatisation and outsourcing of essential services relating to healthcare.


“The Liberals think the profit motive is the answer to every question. But some services shouldn’t be outsourced to private industry – not if getting the job done by a cheap private operator compromises patient safety or standards of care.


“The Liberals want to sell off everything, but healthcare is too important for it to be privatised. Responsibility for provision of public health services must remain in public hands.”

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