My Motion - Toy Library

Below is the motion I have written for the Lane Cove Council meeting on the 19th April 2021:


Executive Summary                                                            

This motion seeks to gather accurate information for Council to understand what commitment in time, resources and funds may be required to consider establishing a toy library in Lane Cove.



The proposed vision for a Toy Library would be to provide up to 6 days a week access to a library of toys that cater for residents in a centralised and easily accessible location.  A Toy Library would enable families to rotate toys and save space from storing toys at home.  




Census data shows 12.7% of residents are aged between 0 - 9. The 10-14 year age bracket accounts for a further 5.7% of our population. 


51.6% of our population live in units or apartments and 5.5.% live in semi-detached dwellings or townhouses. With 59.4% of all families in households having children, from anecdotal conversations with families it is reasonable to estimate that more families are living in units, apartments, semi-detached dwellings and townhouses that traditional houses (Source:



It would be true that such an operation would have been impacted by the COVID pandemic. However, this would be no different to the impact experienced by our existing Library network. Therefore, I do not think this should stop Council from investigating the business case for a Toy Library.




As many families are choosing convenience and lifestyle to live in Lane Cove, the ability to have a wide offering of toys for a young family is compromised.   A Toy Library would enable families to rotate toys and save space from storing toys at home.  





That Council prepare a report that investigates a preliminary business case as to how a Toy Library could operate in Lane Cove.   The report would include but not be limited to:


1)   Location of a Toy Library:

a)   The estimated floor space required to operate a toy library.

b)   What options exist to locate a toy library within existing Council owned facilities.

c)   What options exist for Council to lease a suitable commercial premise and what would the cost and terms be for such a lease.


2)   Staffing:

a)   What are the estimated staff hours and cost to operate a toy library.

b)   Is there scope for volunteers to help with the operation of a toy library.


3)   Capital:

a)   What would the estimated capital investment be to establish a toy library.

b)   Could Council accept donations of toys.


4)   Estimated membership fees and hire fees:

a)   What would the estimated membership fees and hire fees be to use such a service.


5)   Opportunity for Partnerships:

a)  Identify potential organisations that Council could partner with to operate a a toy library

     (e.g. local Churches, Schools, Businesses etc).


6)   Any other considerations deemed appropriate.

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