NSW Shadow Minister for Lands Visits Lane Cove

Labor Candidate for Lane Cove - Andrew Zbik and Mick Veitch MLC - NSW Shadow Minister for Lands

Mick Veitch MLC - NSW Shadow Minister for Lands and Labor Candidate for Lane Cove Andrew Zbik met with local residents and representatives of various bushland, environment and conservation groups at Monash Park in Gladesville on Wednesday 1st August. 

Mr Veitch informed the gathering about several concerning aspects of the new Crown Lands Management Act that commenced operation on the 1st July 2018. 

The main points covered were:

1) The new laws allow the Liberal State Government to shut down peaceful protests on public land.

2) The new Act also permits the transfer public land to other Government agencies for sale without public consultation.

3) That Local Councils who become responsible for the management of crown lands will be financially responsible for maintenance and upkeep. The cost of this transfer of responsibility has not yet been qualified for many Councils. 

Andrew Zbik is a Labor Councillor on Lane Cove Municipal Council. The meeting was also attended by Councillor Penny Pedersen who is a Labor Councillor on Ryde Council. 

Residents are encouraged to pursue the followings actions to ensure public Crown Lands are protected for public benefit and enjoyment:

1) Speak with their local Councillors to determine which parcels of land in their local area may be transferred to their Local Council. 

2) Request that their Local Council consults widely with the community about the establishment of new ‘Plans of Management’ for Crown Land in their Local areas. 

3) Tell their Local Councillors that they want to ensure all local crown lands are listed as community land and not operational land. 

For further questions regarding Crown Lands in the Lane Cove, Hunters Hill and Ryde Local Government Areas local residents can contact:

Labor Candidate/Councillor Andrew Zbik 

mobile: 0411 894 788

Councillor Penny Pedersen 

mobile: 0435 697 314


Quotes attributable to Mick Veitch MLC - NSW Shadow Minister for Lands

“The new Act allows the Government to transfer public land to its in house real estate agents, who can then dispose of the land without the stringent requirements of the Crown Lands Act"

“The Government has also introduced a new regulation that will allow any public servant to shut down a peaceful meeting taking place on public land."

“Labor is opposed to these draconian measures and will take the fight up to the Government when Parliament resumes."


Quotes attributable to Andrew Zbik - Labor Candidate for Lane Cove

“We need to ensure our crown lands remain in public ownership. It should not be permissible that any level of Government can sell off our crown land without consulting with the community.”

“It is terrible that local Councils are being put in a situation where they may become responsible for managing Crown Land without knowing if the costs of maintaining and preserving that Crown Land will be their problem to finance”. 

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