Create a Virtual Solar Grid in Lane Cove

Solar for Lane Cove:

Help Apartments get Solar and reduce emissions

In September 2020 Lane Cove Council declared a Climate Emergency. As a result a number of measures were adopted to reduce Council's emissions by 80% of 2016 levels by 2036.

We can do better. 

Approximately 56% of residents in Lane Cove now live in a strata scheme.

Council provides a FREE solar mapping tool to identify the potential for solar panels on roof tops in Lane Cove. Many large rooftops that have solar generating capacity are on existing apartment blocks. 

Strata Schemes find it difficult to install solar panels for the following reasons:

1) Strata cash reserves are not sufficient enough to purchase solar panels. 

2) A strata scheme cannot install solar panels and sell or distribute power to owners (Under NSW Law, the strata scheme would need to be registered as an Energy Retailer to do this).


We will seek to achieve the following:

1) Lane Cove Council to act as a facilitator between strata schemes and a chosen solar company to create a virtual power grid in Lane Cove.

2) Strata schemes would receive 'rent' for leasing their rooftops to a solar company.

3) The solar company would pay and install solar panels on the strata roof and onsell the power generated. 

4) Local power generated by solar would then be used by local businesses and residences.


This simple, commonsense concept will 

  • Help reduce power bills. 
  • Contribute to a cleaner Lane Cove. 
  • Reduce dangerous emissions. 


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