Motion to review glyphosate passed unanimously

I am pleased that Lane Cove Council unanimously supported a motion asking for Council to review the use of a chemical called glyphosate. The motion was co-written with Councillors Strassberg and Vissel.

The issue concerning the use of glyphosate has become very topical over the last two months. I have been receiving a steady stream of queries about the use of this chemical in Lane Cove for almost a year now.

Glyphosate is a chemical that is used in weed management control in many off the shelf product’s, most commonly known for the product called “Roundup”

Councils current practice restricts the usage of Glyphosate and its usage.

The global concerns over this chemical has seen that the World Health Organisation classify Glyphosate as "probably carcinogenic". France and the Netherlands have already banned the use of Glyphosate. Vietnam is banning the importation and there are strong restrictions in Canada and many south American countries.

A landmark US $298 million-dollar damages win in the USA has again raised concerns around the usage of Glyphosate.

For example: There are many alternatives to the Glyphosate including a Pelargonic acid (organic weedkiller) known by its product name “Slasher”. Slasher performs the same task as Glyphosate however it is an organic herbicide. It has been tested to rapidly kill weeds, moss, algae and lichen. When sprayed over plants it destroys the outer leaf cells causing plants to desiccate, wilt and die.

The below is from the Lane Cove Council Minutes of the Ordinary Council Meeting on Monday 17th June 2019:


RESOLVED on the motion of Councillors Strassberg and Zbik that a report to be prepared for the August Ordinary Council Meeting outlining:-

1. Any alternatives that have been considered to replace the use of chemicals containing glyphosate;

2. A review of Council’s current public notification procedures before chemicals containing glyphosate are used;

3. Advice to Council on alternative chemicals / practices that can be used to permanently replace the use of chemicals containing glyphosate; and

4. Feedback from Fairfield City Council, Georges River Council and any other Councils as deemed in relation to how they have phased out and stopped using chemicals that contain Glyphosate.

For the Motion were Councillors Palmer, Bennison, Brent, Brooks-Horn, Strassberg, Vissel and Zbik (Total 7).
Against the Motion was Nil (Total 0).

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