My Councillor Update - Council Meeting - 18th October 2021

The Public Forum is online due to COVID :( For details - CLICK HERE

Below is a quick summary of the meeting agenda in writing


2. MAYORAL MINUTE - FUTURE PROOFING ROYAL NORTH SHORE HOSPITAL Proposal that Council urge the State Government to commit to retaining the RNSH campus site solely for the expansion of public hospital and/or community healthcare facilities into the future.

3. MAYORAL MINUTE - TREE REMOVING/PRUNING PERMITS Proposal that Council create an online public register of active Tree Permits.


4. NOTICE OF MOTION - LANE COVE NORTH NEIGHBOURHOOD CENTRE My motion that Council write to landowners within the Lane Cove North area who own land zoned R4 who have not yet lodged a Development Application to ask their level of interest in developing a neighbourhood centre concept.

5. NOTICE OF MOTION - DISCRIMINATION My motion co-written with Clr Strassberg that Council publicly denounces any form of discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, cultural background, religion, age, and physical or mental abilities. This follows yet more graffiti attacks writing discriminatory messages. 

6. NOTICE OF MOTION - COMMUNITY DOG ADVISORY COMMITTEE Proposal that Council creates a new advisory committee called the “Community Dog Advisory Committee"

7. NOTICE OF MOTION - CREATION OF FUTURE INFRASTRUCTURE RESERVE Proposal that Council formally creates a reserve from the cash proceeds from the lease of 266 Longueville Road for the purposes of infrastructure investment. 

8. NOTICE OF MOTION - LANE COVE SUMMER FESTIVAL Proposal that Council use unspent funds allocated for the Food and Wine by the River, Rotary Fair festivals for activities over the upcoming summer break. 

9. NOTICE OF MOTION - MEETING WITH THE NEW NSW PREMIER TO DISCUSS LOCAL GOVERNMENT ISSUES Proposal that Council meet with Premier Perrottet to discuss local issues. 


10. FINALISATION OF DOG STRATEGY Proposal that Council adopt the Revised Dog Strategy.

11. LOCAL HOUSING STRATEGY - IMPLEMENTATION AND DELIVERY PLAN The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment approved Council’s Local Housing Strategy on 14 September 2021. Proposal for Council to publish the endorsed Local Housing Strategy and letter of approval on Council’s website.

12. ANNUAL FINANCIAL STATEMENTS - YEAR ENDED 30 JUNE 2021 Proposal that Council adopt the Annual Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2021.

13. ROTARY REQUEST FOR FINANCIAL SUPPORT DUE TO THE CANCELLATION OF THE 2021 ROTARY FAIR DUE TO COVID-19 Proposal to give consideration to providing an amount of $8,500 to the Rotary Club of Lane Cove to support for local projects due to the cancellation of the Rotary Fair in 2021.

14. PUBLIC ART IN BIRDWOOD LANE - PROGRESS REPORT An update on the public art around The Canopy. 

15. PECUNIARY INTEREST RETURNS 2021 Proposal that Council note the Report and tabling of Pecuniary Interest Returns of Designated Staff and Councillors for the return period 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021.


16. IPART REVIEW OF RATE PEG – POPULATION GROWTH IPART has completed its review of the Local Government rate peg to include population growth. The NSW Government adopted the final report’s recommendation to allow councils to increase the rate peg by a population factor in addition to the current Local Government Cost Index. This reform will see revenue per capita from Rates remain constant, rather than the current situation which sees revenue per capita decline as the population grows. It is recommended the report be received and noted.

17. COUNCIL SNAPSHOT SEPTEMBER 2021 Many examples of what Council achieved in the last month. The Lane Cove Gift Card which was an idea I presented to Council has passed $52,000 in funds spent within our local businesses since May 2019.  

I hope you found this video and summary helpful.

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