When is Privatising Medicare not Privatising Medicare?

On Election Day I volunteered handing out how-to-vote cards for our local Labor Candidate Peter Hayes. 
The issue of "saving Medicare" was a topical issue. 
For the electors who thought Labor was undertaking a "mediscare" campaign, please enlighten me why is it when a political party decides we can afford $50 billion of tax cuts to medium and large corporations whilst slashing the Medicare rebate and bulk billing incentives for Doctors, cut Medicare funding for pathology tests and scans and have a task force looking to outsource the Medicare payment system which contains our personal information, how is this not a plan to starve our universal health system of funds and its ability for people to have access to healthcare based on need and not their ability to pay?
Shifting the cost of healthcare onto those who need it is a form of privatisation in my opinion. Thus, we need to save Medicare from being starved of funds when medium to big business stand to gain tax payers dollars via tax cuts. 

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