A Daley Labor Government will provide NSW public schools with an extra $2.7 billion worth of Gonski needs-based funding over the life of current State and Federal funding agreements

This commitment will mean more than $1,500 extra, every year, for every student in NSW public high schools, and more than $1,200 for every public primary school student.

Under Labor, NSW will become the first state in Australia to deliver 100 per cent of the standard level of funding for every student.

Currently, the NSW Liberals and Nationals are only providing 70.8 per cent of the standard level of funding each student needs, short-changing every NSW public school student.

The additional funding can be used for a range of measures to improve student learning outcomes, such as additional literacy and numeracy teachers, specialist programs, additional counsellors, and personalised student leaning plans.

Even by the end of the agreement in 2027, the Liberals and Nationals (state and federal) will only be delivering 95 per cent of the funding every student needs.

A Daley Labor State Government, together with a Shorten Labor Federal Government, will deliver 100 per cent of funding by the end of the agreement. 

Labor Shadow Minister for Education and former high school principal Jihad Dib said:

“This is the game changer. While politicians talk about giving every single child the best opportunity in education, only the Labor party will deliver it.

“I know from first-hand experience the difference a fair funding model can make. I am proud of Labor for investing in education like never before.”

The additional $2.7 billion that Labor will provide will ensure every single child, regardless of where they live in the state or their personal circumstances, special needs or skills, will have the best opportunity to succeed in an education system that is properly resourced.

Labor candidate for Lane Cove, Andrew Zbik, welcomed the commitment:

“The Liberals and Nationals are continuing to deny every public school student hundreds of dollars each year.”

“Labor will right this wrong, because properly funding the education of every child is what Labor Government’s will always do better than the Liberals and Nationals.”

This funding commitment builds on Labor’s previous education commitments, including:

  • Replacing 1,000 ageing demountables across the state
  • Making TAFE free for courses in skill shortage areas
  • Ensuring every child can learn a second language
  • Allocating $5,000 to every public school P&Cs
  • Giving free glasses to disadvantaged school kids
  • Putting air conditioning every school in NSW

Media contact:

Jihad Dib,0428 802 570

Andrew Zbik, 0411 894 788

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