After 20 months of refusing to pay outstanding legal fees owed to Lane Cove Council following a legal fight to stop the forced amalgamation of local Councils, Anthony Roberts and the NSW Liberal Government have short-changed the residents of his own electorate.

Lane Cove Council incurred $382,254 in legal fees to fight off the NSW Liberals unpopular proposal to forcibly amalgamate with Ryde Council and Hunters Hill Council. However, the NSW Liberal Government only identified $320,000 of legal costs and has offered to pay Lane Cove Council $255,000.



Residents of Lane Cove have been short changed $127,254. 

Anthony Roberts needs to explain why he has short-changed the residents in his own electorate.

The payment does not include any interest for the 20 months that have passed since the Courts ordered the NSW Liberal State Government to reimburse these legal fees.

With over $600,000,000 now accounted for in cost-shifting in the provision of services from the State Government to local Councils, this shortfall of $127,254 will be a big blow for the residents of Lane Cove Council area.

It is still to be confirmed how much money will be paid back to the residents of Hunters Hill Council. 

Quotes attributable to Andrew Zbik Labor Candidate for Lane Cove - 

“It is shameful upon Mr Roberts that the Government in which he is a Senior Minister has taken so long to settle the reimbursement of legal fees to Lane Cove Council.”

“We need to remember, when Anthony is walking around making promises handing out money as he pork-barrells his way to a fifth term in Parliament, some of that money has come from him not fully reimbursing outstanding legal fees to Lane Cove Council”.

“This is yet another example of the NSW Liberals putting money before people”.

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