Stop Anthony Roberts Choosing Developers Over Residents!

Sign this petition to say NO to The Code

The State Member for Lane Cove and NSW Planning Minister Anthony Roberts MP has introduced the Medium Density Housing Code (The Code).

The Code starts on 6th July and:

  • Makes it easier for developers to build multi dwelling housing (such as terraces and townhouses) in areas that have been zoned for low density homes;

  • Terrace housing is currently prohibited in the low density areas of Lane Cove;
  • Means a developer does not need to seek Council approval;

  • Means elected Councillors don’t get to act in your interests;

Anthony Roberts will turn your quiet residential street of houses into a busy thoroughfare of terraces and townhouses.

You won’t have a say!

Sign this petition to say NO to The Code

To: The Hon. Anthony Roberts MP, Member for Lane Cove, Minister for Planning

Dear Mr Roberts,

We, the undersigned, believe:

1) Terraces and townhouses should not be permitted in areas currently zoned for low density housing (free standing homes);

2) Residents should get a say about how their communities are developed;

3) It should be the responsibility of Local Councils, with input from the local community, to make the final decision about which areas are zoned for low and/or medium density housing.

We request the State Member for Lane Cove and NSW Planning Minister Anthony Roberts suspend the The Code immediately and give power back to residents.

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