Anthony Roberts Must Make Liberal State Government Pay Outstanding Legal Fees

In 2017, Anthony Roberts and the NSW Liberal State Government were trying to force the amalgamation of Sydney’s local Councils.

The Local Councils, with the strong support of the community, fought against the planned amalgamations. Councils and residents won but at significant cost.

Between Lane Cove and Hunters Hill Councils almost $813,000.00 was spent in legal fees.

In July 2017 the Court of Appeal ordered that the State Government must reimburse all local Councils for their legal expenses.

After 12 months the Liberals have not repaid once cent that it owes Lane Cove Council and Hunters Hill Council. 

This is Anthony Roberts own seat but we are still waiting!

Andrew Zbik, State Labor Candidate for Lane Cove, thinks that Lane Cove deserves better.

Mr Zbik says given that twelve months have passed, the NSW Liberal State Government should also pay interest on the amount owing to each Council. 

He is running a petition demanding that  Anthony Roberts pay back what his government owes the Lane Cove, Ryde and Hunters Hill Councils.

The petition can be signed at

Comments attributable to Andrew Zbik - Labor Candidate for Lane Cove

“We knew from the start the Liberals obsession to force the amalgamation of local Councils was to serve their developer mates. Dragging out this payment to Councils show contempt for the residents of Lane Cove”

“All of the Councils in the Lane Cove electorate can use these funds to improve our parks, local community services and invest infrastructure renewal”

“Anthony Roberts is a senior minister in the NSW Liberal State Govt. He can make this happen”


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Andrew Zbik 

Mobile: 0411 894 788


Outstanding reimbursement of legal proceedings to Councils in Anthony Roberts MP own electorate:

Lane Cove Council - $382,254 (Lane Cove Council has offered to accept $320,000) - Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda - 10 March 2018

Hunters Hill Council - $375,748.32 (Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda - 24 July 2017) + Costs incurred in 2017/18 amounting to $54,974.55. (Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda - 13 August 2018)

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