My Motion - Updating Council's Community Engagement Policy

Below is the Motion on Notice I have lodged for the Lane Cove Council Ordinary Meeting on Monday 17th August:    Executive Summary   This report is prepared in support of a Motion on Notice that seeks to improve certain aspects of Council’s Community Engagement Policy.  The Motion on Notice seeks to improve the way information is presented to Council including the presentation of pre-consultation or post-consultation reports.  The wider use of official social media channels to gather feedback from our local community when community consultation is taking place is also proposed. Continue reading

Survey Launch - Making Cycling Safer in Lane Cove


My Motion - Funding the Lane Cove Bike Plan

Here is my Notice of Motion that I have lodged for the Ordinary Council Meeting on 15th June 2020: Background In October 2019 Lane Cove Council adopted the revised Lane Cove Bike Plan. The Bike Plan is a comprehensive strategic action plan which allows Council to prioritise its improvements to the cycling network. The aim of the Bike Plan is to accommodate investment into enhancing safety, convenience and mobility for cyclists. The updated Bike Plan that Council adopted in October 2019 will be utilised to assist in planning for cyclist infrastructure, programs, implementation and maintenance. Continue reading